Sebastian Greenwood: Balance at Work

Offices are filled with workers that frequent the same space in the same cubicle for eight hours or more every single day and this fact is only becoming wider acknowledged in the business world. The effects go beyond a unified workforce, they are affecting the private lives on individuals. Many workers complain about being cooped up or unable to feel creative in their work environments, turning to the company itself as a source of blame. Strictness has come into play in a big way in the working world and it has had a negative effect on the balance of life that we all experience, this is why entrepreneurs are now finding new and revolutionary ways to balance our their lives in a more holistic and rewarding manner.

One way that this has been done can be observed in the career of Sebastian Greenwood, an entrepreneur from Stockholm, Sweden. His journey has taken him to many different countries, companies and institutions, making the amount of work he does seem relentless and never ending. However this is not the case and Sebastian Greenwood often speaks about the balance he has attained by working on his own terms. He began on a path of education so that he could build a base of knowledge that would support him forever and following this he worked for a number of companies that would help him to form his own business initiatives later on. The plan worked well, and now Sebastian Greenwood is his own boss.

Balancing work and leisure relies on calling your own shots and making sure your workload is never more than you can bare, you have to be in control. In the words of Sebastian Greenwood, taking a break can be the most important business decision you will ever make. Regularly Sebastian Greenwood engages in sailing and yachting events to make sure that he has a mind that is refreshed by innovative business and sporting fun in equal measure. Of course all thing requires designing your own career that can in turn take many years before. Being prepared for this will pay off and allow for a balance that continues to reward no matter where your career takes you