Sebastian Greenwood : The Concept of Ecopreneurship

With environment being compromised over the past few decades, ecopreneurship or green entrepreneurship is a concept that should be at the fingertips of every top executive, manager or entrepreneur. They should not only… Continue reading

Sebastian Greenwood- Leading in the Industry

What characteristics define a leader? As the characteristics necessary to lead differ from each person and situation, it is hard to define. People tend to incorporate a variety of personal skills and traits… Continue reading

Expansion and Innovation for Sebastian Greenwood, OneCoin Icon

What a business most requires from its leaders in the modern age is the ability to show ambition and innovation. Being able to plan company strategy and show which steps must be taken… Continue reading

Sebastian Greenwood – A Commitment to People

Sebastian Greenwood is emphatic that watching others “make success” gives him the greatest satisfaction. Without being grounded in other people’s development and enrichment, it would be easy to tire of a field like… Continue reading

Sebastian Greenwood – Honesty as a Form of Leadership

Honesty as a form of leadership is a rarely discussed but important topic. What exactly does it take to become a leader in the areas of global finance and marketing? How does one… Continue reading

Sebastian Greenwood Truth

Sebastian Greenwood- Is it the dawn of the age of the cryptocurrency

The rate at which our age sees technological advancements today is at times scary, at others shocking, but most of all fascinating. However, for business investors it is probably most of all exciting.… Continue reading

Sebastian Greenwood – Building a Legacy Through Network Marketing

 Sebastian Greenwood has always had the desire to build big. As a child he recalls playing with his Legos, always wanting to build the largest, most impressive castles and spaceships. As he has… Continue reading

Sebastian Greenwood: Balance at Work

Offices are filled with workers that frequent the same space in the same cubicle for eight hours or more every single day and this fact is only becoming wider acknowledged in the business… Continue reading

Build Using Negatives

Build Using Negatives Sebastian Greenwood draws inspiration from those around him, and from those who came before him in this world and found their own success through working hard. Here is a favorite… Continue reading